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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Taking It to a New Level

I'm carving out time as best I can to work on the travel book. My contacts around the loop gave me a lot of good material.

I'm also helping some people here get their greenhouse up and going, as the project has expanded on them. It started with a retired engineer wanting to put a small greenhouse off of his barn. Friends and relations got involved. The greenhouse is now going to be twice as big, and the barn converted into a shop for selling crafts and local foods. The guy is also planting more fruit trees, expanding his spring sugar tapping, and building a chicken coop. This is what the New World looks like.

They're having an open house/grand opening on September 15th, just northwest of Montevideo, MN. ( There will be food, a couple of local bands, and media coverage. We want to start this operation off with a bang. It would be wonderful if some of you could come, to meet our sustainability community, and to share your own adventures. Building community is the whole point, and if our community can help inspire yours, or vice-versa, great.

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